Ring Size Guide

 Sterling Silver Ring Size Guide


We always recommend getting measured professionally at a local jewellers. But we do have some ways to make measuring at home an option. 

Using a ring you already own

Find a ring that fits and measure across the inner diameter (mm) and use the chart below to find your size or see our printable ring size guide here. 

No ring at home to measure

  • Wrap a piece of paper or string around your finger, where you would like the ring to sit.
  • Make sure the paper/string is pulled tight. 
  • Mark the meeting point on the paper/string and measure on a ruler in mm. 
  • Use the circumference column in the table below to find your size. 

Tips for getting the right size

  • Measure your fingers at a normal temperature, remember fingers swell in the heat. 
  • Measure multiple times in the evening when your fingers are naturally at their largest, giving you a chance of an accurate measurement, best of three! 
  • A wider band may require you to go up a size, as a guide anything over 4mm. 
  • If you are right handed your right hand will be slightly bigger than your left. Please bare this in mind when measuring and measure the exact finger you would like to wear the ring on. 
  • Pinky rings, we recommend a slightly firmer fit as the pinky finger tends to have a less prominent knuckle and is generally slimmer from the base of the finger to the nail. A firmer fit will ensure that the ring stays put with any large movements of the hand. 
  • Don't worry if you get it wrong, we offer one free exchange if you wanted to try another size. 

Buying a gift

If you're surprising someone with a gift read our guide on secretly determining their ring size here

Ring Size Chart

All rings are made in UK ring sizes, please use the chart below to see how they relate to international sizes. Please note this is only a guide and that ring sizes may differ slightly. 

Inside Diameter (mm) Inside Circumference (mm)  British and Australian Ring Size EU Ring Size US and Canada Ring Size
15.9 50 K 50 5.5
16.3 51.2 L 51 6
16.7 52.5 M 52 6.5
17.1 53.8 N 54 6.75
17.5 55.1 O 55 7
17.9 56.3 P 56 7.5
18.3 57.6 Q 58 8
18.8 58.9 R 59 8.5
19.1 60.2 S 60 9
19.6 61.4 T 61 9.5
19.8 62.7 U 63 10 
20.2 64 V 64 10.5
20.6 65.3 W 65 11
21 66.6 X 67 11.5
21.3 67.8 Y 68 12
21.7 68.5 Z