Our Story

Est in 2014 Tulip is an independent British jewellery brand. Inspired by a desire to have less but better. To curate collections of elegant, understated and perfectly crafted jewellery.

With a belief that design should be simple and uncomplicated, I've always leaned towards classic pieces. I believe it takes strength to hold back, to highlight what is essential and edit out the excess. To pay attention to the smallest details and ensure the use of the finest materials and craftsmanship. Our pieces are handcrafted in small quantities, using recycled sterling silver in the majority of our collection.

At the core of every style is an idea to capture English elegance while being influenced by the fine details of nature, the strength and beauty in what is natural. A sense of calm carries through the collections. Beautiful light tones of 925 sterling silver, refined simple designs and careful attention to detail evoking a feeling of true elegance.

Conscious of creating timeless pieces we don't adhere to trends. Tulip is the opposite of throwaway fashion, it's all about the pieces you'll wear over and over, designs to be lived in. We hope our pieces give confidence and meaning when worn, adding a little extra without overshadowing. 



Tulip – a symbol of perfect enduring love, not the showiest flower in the garden but full of beauty and grace