Pearl Jewellery Care Guide

6 Ways to care for your freshwater pearl jewellery

Freshwater Pearls are delicate organic gemstones, but treated with care they will last for many years to come.

Our top 6 ways to care for your pearl jewellery:

1. Clean them gently after wearing

A wipe with a soft cloth when you take off your jewellery for the day will prevent any perspiration being left on the pearls surface and damaging the lustre.

2. Storing your Pearls

Store pearls in a soft pouch away from other jewellery. Pearls can be scratched by harder minerals such as diamonds and other gemstones, also other jewellery such as necklace clasps, earring backs etc.

A soft pouch is much more preferable to a plastic bag, if the environment is kept too dry this can dehydrate the pearls, eventually causing peeling and cracking of the nacre.

Jewellery boxes with soft interiors are a perfect storage option as long as the pieces are stored separately, away from other jewellery in their own compartments.

Do not store in strong direct sunlight. Over a long period of time daylight, ultra violet and any other strong light will cause the colour to fade. Best not to leave your treasured earrings sitting on a window ledge for instance.

3. Do not expose to chemicals

This can cause spotting, cracking, peeling and even disintegration, keep your pearls away from any cleaning fluids, and anything acidic such as swimming pools, lemon juice and vinegar.

4. They made need to be re-strung

If you have a pearl necklace or bracelet bear in mind that it may need to be re-strung. If worn frequently this could be annually. This gives your necklaces a new lease of life, making the structure sound, sometimes the silk used to thread can become week under the weight.

5. Try not to get them too wet

Pearls are cultured in water so it does not in itself damage pearls, but it may damage any silk on necklaces or glue on earrings etc so best not to immerse in water, we recommend removing your jewellery in the shower and when swimming. 

If your pearls are particularly dirty it is fine to clean them with a soft damp cloth, taking away any residue of chemicals or perspiration. Never use an ultrasonic cleaner as this will damage the pearls. 

6. On Last, Off First!

Always put your jewellery on as a finishing touch. Pearls react to oils and chemicals found in cosmetics, skincare, deodorants and any fake tan. You can help minimise this contact by applying any make-up or perfume a few minutes before you select your jewellery for the day.

We don't recommend sleeping in your pearls. 

And finally...they love to be worn

Just like our stunning sterling silver pearls themselves love to be worn. Being slightly absorbent they like a certain amount of moisture in order to maintain their lustre. Our skins moisture helps to keep them from getting dehydrated. So go ahead and wear them as often as possible!