Our Jewellery Size Guide

Bracelet Sizing

We recommend using a piece of string or ribbon to place snugly around your wrist (or a measuring tape). 

Measure the ribbon or string then add:

  • 1.5 - 2cm for a snug fit 
  • 2.5cm for a comfortable fit
  • 3cm for a loose fit

Our bracelets are either adjustable or come in two sizes:

  • Small / Medium 17.5cm (7")
  • Medium / Large 19cm (7.5")

For example if your wrist measures 16cm you could choose from both sizes according to how you like it to fit. A small /medium will be nice and snug whilst a medium / large will give you a looser style if you prefer. 

We recommend sizing up on bracelets with large links or a bulky design as these styles tend to sit on top of your wrist making the overall size a little smaller. 

Bangle Sizing 

The easiest way to measure your correct size is using a bangle you already own - you can just measure the (inner) diameter and choose the size closest depending on how you would like it to fit. But always remembering to make sure that it will actually fit over your hand as below.

Or alternatively measure your hand with a measuring tape. Close the hand bending the thumb as far as possible into the hand, touching the little finger. The position you would naturally put your hand in when putting on a bangle. Now measure around the widest part above the thumb. Keep the tape tight, it's tempting to leave a little wiggle room but this will give a bangle size that is too large, You then have the circumference. Our size guide is below:



  • Small / Medium = 62mm diameter / 20cm circumference
  • Medium / Large = 65mm diameter / 21cm circumference
  • Ex Large = 68mm diameter / 22 cm circumference

Necklace Sizing

Our necklaces are available in specific chain lengths, which can be found in the description of the one you have in mind. Most of our chains come with adjusters giving you multiple length options. We also offer custom chain lengths, please contact for details if you prefer a different chain. 

To determine which length will be the best fit we recommend trying a piece of string the same length as our options to see where this will sit on you. Necklace lengths are personal preference, there is no right or wrong length, just what works for you, please choose the option you are most comfortable with. 

Remember if buying a pendant necklace to take into account the length of the actual pendant as this will add to the drop for the entire length. 



Buying a Gift?

If you aren't sure which size we recommend a size medium/large in our bangles and bracelets as this is our standard size. With necklaces we recommend an 18" chain length. But please don't worry we offer exchanges if they are not quite right.

Alternatively covertly raid the gift recipients jewellery box and measure what they already wear to the guidelines above.