How to secretly determine their ring size.

How to secretly determine a ring size

Choosing the right ring size can be a daunting task, especially when it's for a secret gift. You want the moment of unveiling to be perfect, and a ring that fits perfectly adds that extra touch of thoughtfulness. So, how can you determine the ring size without giving away your secret?

Method 1: Sneaky Measurements

If you have access to the recipient's jewellery box, you can discreetly borrow a ring that is worn on the same finger you intend to gift. Make sure to choose a ring that is regularly worn and fits comfortably. Take this ring to a jeweller who can measure its size and provide you with an accurate measurement or use our size chart.

See our printable ring size guide here. 

Method 2: Seek Assistance

Reach out to the recipient's close friends or family members who might have knowledge of their ring size. They may have discussed it in the past or even accompanied them while shopping for jewellery. These insiders can be a valuable resource in your quest to find the perfect ring size.

Method 3: The Tricky Trace

If you can't access the recipient's jewellery or seek help from others, you can resort to a more covert method. Take a ring that they don't wear often and place it on a piece of paper. Carefully trace the inside and outside of the ring, ensuring the lines are clear and accurate. Then, take this tracing to a jeweller who can measure the dimensions and determine the ring size or you can use our handy ring sizing chart.

Method 4: The Guessing Game

If all else fails, you can make an educated guess based on your observations. Consider the size of their other jewellery, the shape and length of their fingers, and their overall build. While this method is less precise, it can still lead you in the right direction.

Remember, It's the Thought That Counts

While getting the ring size right is important, remember that the sentiment behind the gift is what truly matters. Even if the size isn't perfect, the effort and love you put into the surprise will shine through. We also offer one free exchange if it's not quite right. 

Now that you have some clever methods up your sleeve, go ahead and start planning that unforgettable surprise gift!

Secret Ring Sizing Guide

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