6 Beautiful Ways to Store Your Jewellery July 27 2015

So many stylish ways to organise your jewellery - we've narrowed it down to 6 of the best!

I confess I'm a neat freak and my go-to choice for jewellery storage has to be the clear acrylic boxes from Muji. Arguably the only option for anyone who gets pleasure seeing everything neatly lined up or if you are slightly obsessive like myself arranged by jewellery type and size order, my idea of pure bliss.

See through so you can find anything easily and they're stackable! Warning: these clear boxes show off your organisational skills to the max so be prepared for hours lining up every chain and watch strap..or is that just me? 

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Online necklace buying made easier November 27 2014

Say a warm hello to Emmy, our beautiful new employee. We had to give her a name, even if it was just to stop us freaking out about having a floating torso in the office! We were reminiscing about the 80's film Mannequin and thought the name suited her perfectly...

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