6 Beautiful Ways to Store Your Jewellery

6 Beautiful Ways to Store Your Jewellery
So many stylish ways to organise your jewellery -  we've narrowed it down to 6 of the best! 

1 - Clear Storage Boxes

My go-to choice for jewellery storage has to be the clear acrylic boxes from Muji. The only option for anyone who gets pleasure seeing everything neatly lined up, arranged by jewellery type and size order.

Warning: these clear boxes show off your organisational skills to the max so be prepared for hours lining up every chain and watch strap! 

With the added bonus of being able to add extra boxes as your jewellery collection grows.

 Image: Pinterest 

Muji Boxes can be found here

Make sure you keep the little Silica Gel sachets you get in new handbags and pop a couple in the drawers to help absorb any moisture and avoid tarnishing.

2 - Trays, Dishes and Bowls

Classic trays are effortless, look smart and sophisticated and will take little effort to make you appear organised.

Sleek modern designs are easy to find on the high street or if vintage is your thing have fun hunting for something in an Art Deco style or an unusual glass.

Chic White Lacquer Tray from The White Company

If space is limited and you're feeling creative you can literally use a wooden cutlery drawer painted in your favourite colour, fitting snugly into your drawers. 

Image via Pinterest

Unique bowls and charming dishes are one of the cheapest and creative options. You can pick up little trinket dishes anywhere, from charity shops to mementos you discovered on holiday.

If it makes you smile each time you use it you'll be more inclined to pop your jewellery in it at the end of the day rather than leave it unloved on the arm of the sofa. Have fun picking something that reflects your style, I love these little finds below.

Jewellery Bowl

Camellia Bowl | Hudson Home


Jewellery Dish

Minimal Hexagonal Dish | Etsy


Jewellery Dish 

 Limpet Dish | Illyria Pottery


Brass Jewellery Dish 

Brass bowl | Rex London


DIY Jewellery Dish

DIY Clay Face Bowl | Isoscella Blog

Bangles are my current obsession but they can seem bulky when trying to store them. Try a white porcelain bowl. Simple and chic, you can see everything you have in a heartbeat and it enables you to throw one on when you're rushing out of the door.

White Jewellery Bowl

Vintage White Bowl | Shelley Tulip

Although bowls may be perfect for rings, bracelets, bangles and watches they're not such a clever option for your necklaces. I've spent hours untangling several delicate chains when thrown in with wild abandon!

3 - Pin it up – Boards and Hangers

Hanging designs are perfect for showing off your current favourites ensuring they aren't forgotten about and very practical for keeping your chains tangle free.

Jewellery Storage

Wall Hanging Jewellery Storage | Nkuku


For DIY enthusiasts pin boards are a great way of making a display out of your jewellery and adding your own interior element to a room. Try an old picture frame lined with a statement wallpaper, there are some great ideas on Pinterest, check out our board for some inspiration.

DIY doesn't mean you can't keep it contemporary. These simple DIY Jewellery Blocks are stunning.

DIY Jewellery Blocks by Emily Henderson - follow her tutorial here


4 - Something Completely Different

Re-think those lovely little pieces you have around your home and how they could be re-used to display your jewels, a beautiful old glass ashtray, ceramic egg holders, anything goes. 

Image source: Kelsey Foster via Style me Pretty

If you're after something new, Urban Outfitters excel in the more unusual jewellery stands. Make a statement with this striking horn holder or unique wooden hand holder.

Horn Jewellery Holder from Urban Outfitters

 Hand Jewellery Holder from Urban Outfitters 

5 - Jewellery Boxes

Elegant and classy, there is a reason why the traditional jewellery box will never go out of style. 

Covered boxes are perfect for those of us not lucky enough to have Paris Hilton style walk-in wardrobes as your jewellery is kept out of the sunlight helping to keep it from being damaged by wayward toddlers or tarnishing quickly.

White Jewellery Box

Classic White  Jewellery Box | The White Company


 Image: Pinterest via ZsaZsa Bellagio


Or if you like the light try something like this unusual glass pyramid.

Jewellery Storage

Glass pyramid jewellery box | Nkuku

6 - Lets not forget jewellery that likes to travel

Accessorising your summer outfits is essential and not something to be left until the last minute! If like me you are on the obsessive side, you'll lay out all of your outfits and co-ordinate your jewellery accordingly. If you are, shall we say a little more relaxed you'll chuck a selection of jewels in at the last minute, thrown in to odd socks and between layers of clothing to keep them safe.

Obviously the likelihood of finding said jewellery (or a matching pair of earrings!) after it's been thrown around 40,000ft in the air is not great, so treat yourself to some stunning travel cases and believe me your jewellery will be the first thing you want to pack.

I discovered this brand at my last jewellery show and fell in love with the luxury intricate cut leather cases. The Rolls Royce of jewellery travel! The cream Chloe Portfolio is my favourite, but you could also choose from a smaller zip jewellery case, jewellery roll or if excess baggage is no problem the fabulous medium cases. They also have a clever anti-tarnish lining.

Gorgeous Chloe Jewellery Case by Wolf 

My favourite, the Portfolio case by Wolf

...And then Pinterest it!

Pinterest is an amazing tool to find jewellery storage ideas and inspiration. People literally have whole boards dedicated to the art of it. If you have a few hours to spare (Warning: Pinterest has a way of engaging you for many wonderful hours and you not noticing!) then maybe start with our board handily titled 'Jewellery Storage'.

Hope you find something that inspires, we'd love to know how you organise your jewels.

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