The Rose Tree | An Interview with Olga November 09 2018

The Rose Tree Organic Skincare & Tulip Jewellery


I discovered The Rose Tree's gorgeous organic skincare earlier this year whilst on a mission to switch to a more natural beauty routine. 
This small British business has been working hard, already winning multiple industry awards. We love founder Olga's ethos of keeping skincare simple, using only quality ingredients and that those ingredients are organic. The whole range is made in small batches in England. 

I've particularly fallen in love with the Rose and Marula facial oil. Now my collection includes the indulgent, easy to use Mango and Carrot cleanser. These two products are so effective I don't need anything else, simplifying my routine.  You can also find the Tahiti & Coco lip butter on my desk, a lifesaver this time of year. Don't just take my word for it, you can read all of the lovely comments on their website!

We caught up with Olga who founded the business just over 4 years ago and asked her a few questions:


Why did you start The Rose Tree, what inspired you?

For as long as I can remember I have had a fascination (or possibly obsession) with plants and herbs.  One of my favourite Christmas gifts when I was younger was a copy of Culpeper's Complete Herbal from my lovely Dad.  The power and rich history of these plants fascinated me. I dreamt up all sorts of concoctions, to try on my sisters (victims) with varying degrees of success.
 Today, I'm on a mission to produce EXTRAORDINARY organic products for body and soul.
Most of us have so much stuff flying around in our heads that we don't know if we are coming or going.  We are balancing jobs, children, parents, and at the same time feeling guilty that we haven't cleaned the bathroom.  We put ourselves under so much pressure that we can't function.
I design organic products to make my customer’s life easier, to care for and nourish her skin in an honest way.  To calm and soothe the mind, to help her feel normal again. 

The Rose Tree Organic Skincare & Tulip Jewellery


What would you say has been the biggest challenge since starting your business?

Time - or lack of.  I am a multi tasking guru.  Product development, expert packer, customer service manager and most frighteningly IT manager!

What advice would you give to women choosing a skincare brand?

Be clear about what you want, and read those ingredient labels!  
Often mass market skincare is all about convenience.  Generally a small skincare producer has more flexibility, with ingredients, the proportions of these ingredients and the niche that they serve.
What’s important to you? - My customers have weighed up the pros and cons of mass market manufactured skincare products and found them wanting.  Natural botanicals oils are chosen over petroleum alternatives because a period of 6 months to use a product is deemed plenty sufficient, and variability is revered.  A delicate vitamin rich organic apricot oil with its variation in colour and scent is valued over inert mineral oil. 
I select the best effective ingredients so my customers don't have to spend hours themselves researching ingredients.


The Rose Tree Organic Skincare & Tulip Jewellery

Lastly we would love to know what your favourite Tulip piece is?

My Russian Bangle.  I love the weight of the silver, the simplicity and how its the perfect accessory irrespective of whether I'm dressed up or casual!

Olga has kindly offered Tulip customers some complimentary treats, an introduction to The Rose Tree. We'll be placing a little surprise inside your Tulip orders whilst stocks last*.  A little something to nourish your skin in the midst of winter. 

I hope you love your treat
Shelley x

You can dive into skincare heaven at:
The Rose Tree Organic Skincare and Tulip Jewellery


*Orders over £30 (excl P&P) - whilst stocks last!


The Rose Tree Organic Skincare and Tulip Jewellery