Instagram Favourites | Jewellery Inspiration May 17 2017

Never has it been easier to see what is happening worldwide, from huge brands to smaller independent jewellery makers, the level of talent is inspiring. 

Here's just a few that we happily spend an afternoon catching up with.


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Top 5 Bestsellers from the 2016 Collection February 02 2017

Top 5 bestsellers from 2016 Tulip jewellery

Some jewellery pieces transcend seasons. We firmly believe in style before fashion and hope to create a range that has longevity and a timeless appeal.

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New Additions | Geometric Collection March 18 2016

We continue our love of all things maths with some new gorgeous new additions to our Geometric jewellery collection. 

Chic and contemporary, a modern look that is surprising easy to wear due to it's simple and minimal design. We always look to select jewellery that fits our simple modern feminine aesthetic and think this is a collection that can be worn daily with ease.


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New 2015 Jewellery Trends We Think You'll Love! September 16 2015

We were so excited at the chance of visiting the International Jewellery London show, such a fantastic source of design inspiration and a great place to discover new trends.

The jewellery industry show of choice was held at the stunning London Olympia Grand. We're used to shows with no natural light so this was a real treat. It was our first visit but the show is celebrating it's 60th year! The atmosphere was celebratory...

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Simple Classic Pearls - The Birthstone for June June 09 2015


Beautifully simple, timeless classics that are said to symbolise success, happiness and love.

June birthday girls are in good company, sharing their birthday month with several other classy ladies such as Angelina Jolie (June 4th) Natalie Portman (June 9th) and Nicole Kidman (June 29th).

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