Online necklace buying made easier November 27 2014

Say a warm hello to Emmy, our beautiful new employee. We had to give her a name, even if it was just to stop us freaking out about having a floating torso in the office! We were reminiscing about the 80's film Mannequin and thought the name suited her perfectly, if you've never seen it you're in for a treat, perfect Christmas time watching. Emmy is part of the Tulip family now and is doing a cracking job of showcasing our gorgeous necklaces. 



Buying necklaces online can be tricky, knowing what scale and length they are. It's great knowing that a particular style is 30 inches long but not so helpful trying to hold a tape measure around yourself to test what that actually us we've all done it.

Also some of our unique designs are larger than expected and we think this is a lovely way to see the boldness of them and limits any surprises when you receive your order! Providing a great idea of scale and length, we hope you like her.

When not being used Emmy stands in the corner looking gorgeous, displaying our new styles, although we may need to invest in come clothes for her soon, it's getting chilly.